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What Makes Google Slides a Better Option Than PowerPoint





Chances you have been using PowerPoint for years now that it has almost become synonymous to the term "presentations." There are many reasons for people to switch to Google Slides from the usual presentation tool Microsoft PowerPoint. The following are the best of these reasons:


Collaboration is the biggest reason for a user to switch to the use of Google Slides. This tool allows you to share and at the same time edit the material through the Google Drive document. This is by far the biggest selling point for Google Slides. The presentation may also be enhanced, recreated, and presented again by some collaborators. All collaborators in Google Slides will have the same version to use which means that they would have consistent experience when commenting and editing.


Google Slides is also known to have fewer options in its UI which in fact makes it easier to create a presentation. You have the tendency to end up with a cleaner and simpler deck. You're still able to use animations and more artistic features in Google Slides but the UI is much simpler than PowerPoint. This enables you to come up with simpler yet visually appealing presentation templates.


One other thing is that you can easily edit and present your material even offline. All you have to do is download the Slides app from the Chrome browser through the Chrome web store. Everything would sync up the moment you get connected to the web. For more details about Google slides, check out


It is also a good advantage for Google Slides that you can access the presentation using any kind of device. This is because you can easily access any Google Drive document from any browser you use. You can always enjoy a lot of benefits when your files are backed up by cloud which will enable you to work even when the main computer dies on you. You can also download a Slides app for iOS. This allows for creating, viewing, and editing the file using your iPad or iPhone. This means that you may even present your material using your phone.


Google Slides is also a great option for content creators because of the Research button under the Tools menu that can bring you any reference you may need for your presentation.



Given all the benefits mentioned above, it's not bad at all knowing that Google Slides is a free tool. The only thing that makes people hesitant to switch to it from PowerPoint is the embedded media.